We offer shielded (screened) and unshielded(unscreened) multicore cables with from one to 80 cores

A multicore cable is an electrical cable that combines multiple signals or power feeds into a single jacketed cable.

By definition, multicore cables have an outer sheath which surrounds all of the inner conductors. This usually comprises an extruded PVC or cross-linked polyethylene jacket, often combined with an aluminium sheath under the surface for electromagnetic shielding. In many applications, this jacket adds significant mechanical protection, making the cable much more rugged. Sometimes each individual connection or channel also has its own jacket to aid mechanical or electromagnetic protection.

Shielded, (or screened) and unshielded multicore cables can be used for analogue and digital signals as well as power distribution. They can simplify the physical setup of a system and provide a neater connection between two pieces of equipment.

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