Volume Calculator & Conversion Chart

Convert fluid ounces to cups and vice versa using element14's volume calculator below.
Our volume conversion chart also gives you the multipliers for various values so that you can make manual calculations.

Volume Conversion Calculator

Volume Conversion Chart

Fluid Ounce (fl oz)0.125Cup (c)
Fluid Ounce (fl oz)0.0625Pint (pint)
Fluid Ounce (fl oz)0.03125Quart (quart)
Fluid Ounce (fl oz)0.0078125Gallon (gallon)
Fluid Ounce (fl oz)29.5735Milliliter (ml)
Fluid Ounce (fl oz)0.0295735Liter (L)
Cup (c)8Fluid Ounce (fl oz)
Cup (c)0.5Pint (pint)
Cup (c)0.25Quart (quart)
Cup (c)0.0625Gallon (gallon)
Cup (c)236.588Milliliter (ml)
Cup (c)0.236588Liter (L)
Pint (pint)16Fluid Ounce (fl oz)
Pint (pint)2Cup (c)
Pint (pint)0.5Quart (quart)
Pint (pint)0.125Gallon (gallon)
Pint (pint)473.176Milliliter (ml)
Pint (pint)0.473176Liter (L)
Quart (quart)32Fluid Ounce (fl oz)
Quart (quart)4Cup (c)
Quart (quart)2Pint (pint)
Quart (quart)0.25Gallon (gallon)
Quart (quart)946.353Milliliter (ml)
Quart (quart)0.946353Liter (L)
Gallon (gallon)128Fluid Ounce (fl oz)
Gallon (gallon)16Cup (c)
Gallon (gallon)8Pint (pint)
Gallon (gallon)4Quart (quart)
Gallon (gallon)3785.41Milliliter (ml)
Gallon (gallon)3.78541Liter (L)
Milliliter (ml)0.033814Fluid Ounce (fl oz)
Milliliter (ml)0.00422675Cup (c)
Milliliter (ml)0.00211338Pint (pint)
Milliliter (ml)0.00105669Quart (quart)
Milliliter (ml)0.000264172Gallon (gallon)
Milliliter (ml)0.001Liter (L)
Liter (L)33.814Fluid Ounce (fl oz)
Liter (L)4.22675Cup (c)
Liter (L)2.11338Pint (pint)
Liter (L)1.05669Quart (quart)
Liter (L)0.264172Gallon (gallon)
Liter (L)1000Milliliter (ml)