Gadget Renesas Sakura

What is Gadget Renesas

Gadget Renesas is a promotion project to offer a series of boards and "easy to start with" cloud-based software environment for people who have no embedded programming experience, for embedded professionals to do rapid prototyping.

Features and System Configuration

  • Rapid prototyping solution for embedded solution professionals, students and hobbyists who have no embedded programming experience.
  • The cloud-based software development environment enables tablets and smart phones to be used as a user software development platform.
  • Arduino compatible with superior performance and many advanced on-chip peripherals such as Ethernet and USB host.
  • Promote user community site for users to ask questions and share knowhow and to announce event information.

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Gadget Renesas

GR SAKURA Full Board


  • Renesas 32-bit RX63N Group MCU (R5F563NBDDFP) is on-board
  • Arduino UNO compatible pin-headers ready for its shields
  • Equipped with LAN connector (RJ-45), USB host connector, DC power supply jack, and MMC card shell
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GR SAKURA Full Board