Unique Developments, Require Custom Enclosures

Create your custom IOT enclosure using Multicomp Pro with the help of GTT Wireless. Perfect for “mission critical” applications such as connected vehicles, rail track & tunnel monitoring, mobile security, smart cities and agriculture.

It can be challenging to find a reliable solution that meets your design needs, AND your budget. Multicomp Pro makes it easy for engineers to specify off-the-shelf enclosures suitable for your PCBA, allowing prototyping in days and transitioning to production from a single source. Great for building IOT concept designs with antenna, I/O modules (USB, Cat5, Cat6, SIM, Power, etc) and N Type IP67 antennas for WiFi, LTE, DSRC, LoRa etc. With our mSmart-box enclosure solutions we can provide a reliable IP67, EN60950-22-Ready, modular concept specifically tailored to your needs within days of initial contact. Other features include: Integrated Gore® valves, Sur Tec 650 anti-corrosion coating and 100% IP67 guaranteed.

How it works


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Select your desired interfaces


Submit your custom enclosure

Receive quote from Farnell within 5 Business Days


Production of enclosure begins!

Finished enclosures delivered within 4 weeks of design approval

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