Purpose-built for secured IoT application development with increased processing, security, and connectivity

Embedded security for the Internet of Things (IoT) is made easier with Infineon's cutting edge security solutions, including the PSA-Certified PSoC™ 62 microcontroller and the OPTIGA™ Trust M Express secure element. This powerful pairing of MCU and secure element simplifies the integration of security in IoT devices at scale.

Security is built into the PSoC™ 62 platform architecture with hardware cryptographic accelerators, secured boot, ROM based root of trust, memory, and peripheral protection units. OPTIGA™ Trust M Express, a pre-provisioned Secure Element, is offered in combination with the Infineon cloud services that automate IoT device certificate registration and the provisioning of the device in the product cloud — simplifying production flow, accelerating time to market, and increasing cost efficiency.


Smart cities

street lights

Smart mobility

EV chargers, E-scooters

Smart buildings

commercial HVAC systems

Smart homes

residential aircons, large home appliances

Industrial IoT


connected dental equipment, connected toothbrushes

Smartwatch / Wearables

Portable medical

ModusToolbox™ software

Infineon's ModusToolbox™ is a collection of easy-to-use software and tools that enable rapid development of Infineon MCUs. With ModusToolbox™ software, you don’t have to choose between closed, proprietary flows that struggle to keep pace with modern innovations, or open platforms that fail to support the unique features and value of your target device. Infineon's ready-to-use software components, example code, and application specific middleware, can reduce software development complexity and ultimately shorten time to market.

The ModusToolbox™ tools package includes desktop programs that enable the creation of new embedded applications, managing software components, configuring device peripherals and middleware, and embedded development tools for compiling, programming, and debugging your application. Also included is an extensive collection of GitHub-hosted repositories comprised of code examples, board support packages, middleware, and application support.

With our ready-to-use software components, code and applications, you can reduce the risk of errors when developing for Infineon's PSoC™ microcontroller families. ModusToolbox™ Project Creator and Library Manager tools, help to ease your development efforts providing fully integrated software drivers for Infineon's Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi and sensor solutions as well as support for third party solutions.

ModusToolbox™ introduction

Getting started with ModusToolbox™ software

Getting started has never been so easy. With introductory and technical how-to videos, release notes, user manuals, online documentation, and GitHub repositories, users can quickly find code examples, libraries, BSPs and training materials to get started using Infineon's PSoC™ MCUs with ModusToolbox™ software and tools.

OPTIGA™ Trust M IoT Security Development Kit

The OPTIGA™ Trust M IoT Security Development Kit is the easiest way to develop and evaluate end-to-end security use cases for your IoT devices. The kit enables customers to prototype various security use cases and build full-featured IoT applications.

The board includes:

  • OPTIGA™ Trust M security solution
  • PSoC™ 62, an Arm® Cortex®-M4/M0+ microcontroller
  • AIROC™ CYW43012 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth® combo chip is a low power device that supports dual-band (2.4 and 5.0 GHz) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® 5.0.
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This development board is delivered with two ready-to-use security use cases:

  • Secured communication with AWS over MQTT using with crypto support from OPTIGA™ Trust M.
  • Secured zero-touch cloud provisioning using Infineon cloud services and the pre-provisioned X.509 certificate delivered with the OPTIGA™ Trust M.

You can also use this development kit to build additional IoT security use cases such as IP protection, crypto offloading, secured firmware updates, and more. The kit is supported by ModusToolbox™.


  • Instant evaluation of secured cloud communication and secured cloud provisioning use cases
  • All main board components are provided by Infineon and supported via ModusToolbox™
  • Flexibility to quickly develop full-featured IoT device prototypes
Unboxing of the OPTIGA™ Trust M IoT Security Development Kit

Productive OPTIGA™ Trust M Express Secure Elements

OPTIGA™ Trust M Express enhances the security for of your IoT devices at every step of the way from manufacturing through cloud provisioning to field deployment.

The cryptographic identity of OPTIGA™ Trust M Express is provisioned in a certified and secured Infineon fab. It is protected from exposure at all stages during the product lifetime. This off-the-shelf solution removes the need for secured ID injection during IoT device manufacturing. This allows you to enhance the security of your IoT devices while simplifying the production flow, accelerating time-to-market, and increasing cost efficiency.

OPTIGA™ Trust M Express is offered in combination with Infineon's cloud service that automates IoT device certificate registration and device provisioning in the product cloud at scale with zero manual intervention. This saves time and resources, protects against human error, and makes the process highly scalable.

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Save costs
  • Removes the need for a highly secured manufacturing environment
  • Removes the need to build and maintain a public key infrastructure
Go to market quickly
  • Off-the-shelf secure elements for faster design-in process
  • Removes the need for personalization during manufacturing
  • Easy-to-use developer kit for fast prototyping
  • NDA-free product documentation on GitHub
  • Ready to connect to Azure and AWS
Scale quickly
  • Automated device provisioning in the cloud
  • Product-to-cloud provisioning with zero manual intervention
  • Simplified device claiming process
Robust security
  • Based on CC EAL 6+ certified hardware
  • Support for all latest symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic algorithms
  • Unique and immutable identity provisioned in a CC-certified facility

Potential Applications

Smart cities
  • Street lights
Smart mobility
  • EV chargers
  • E-scooters
Smart buildings
  • Commercial HVAC systems
Smart homes
  • Residential aircons
  • Large home appliances
Industrial IoT
  • Connected dental equipment
  • Connected toothbrushes

OPTIGA™ Trust M Express offers in combination with Infineon´s cloud service the automated IoT device certificate registration and device provisioning in the product cloud at scale with zero manual intervention. This saves time and resources, protects against human error, and makes the process highly scalable.

PSoC™ 62S2 evaluation kit

The PSoC™ 62S2 evaluation kit (CY8CEVAL-062S2) enables you to evaluate and develop applications using the PSoC™ 62 MCU. The kit features the PSoC™ 62 MCU (CY8C624ABZI-S2D44): 150-MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4 and 100-MHz Arm® Cortex®-M0+ cores, 2MB of Flash, 1MB of SRAM, hardware crypto accelerator, rich analog and digital peripherals, audio and communication interfaces, and industry-leading capacitive-sensing with CAPSENSE™ technology.

This kit features an M.2 interface that enables you to connect the supported M.2 radio modules based on AIROC™ Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® combo devices. This feature enables flexible evaluation of the radio module that best suits your wireless connectivity requirements. With PSoC™ 62 MCU as the Wi-Fi host MCU, and the AIROC™ device enabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity, you can easily prototype and evaluate embedded IoT applications using this kit. In addition, the kit also features an OPTIGA™ Trust-M security controller for secured cloud device provisioning.

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Kit Features:

  • PSoC™ 62 MCU (CY8C624ABZI-S2D44)
  • M.2 interface connector to connect the M.2 radio modules By default, the kit package includes Sterling-LWB5+ M.2 radio module from Laird Connectivity for out-of-the-box evaluation
  • OPTIGA™ Trust-M security controller
  • mikroBUS interface for hardware expansion using Click boards
  • Headers compatible with Arduino Uno R3 for hardware expansion using Arduino shields
  • 512-Mbit external Quad-SPI NOR Flash, 4-Mbit Quad SPI F-RAM, microSD card interface
  • KitProg3 on-board SWD programmer/debugger, USB-UART and USB-I2C bridge functionality through USB connector
  • CAPSENSE™ buttons and slider for touch- and proximity-sensing applications
  • User buttons, LEDs, and a potentiometer for analog input

Kit Contents:

  • PSoC™ 62S2 evaluation board
  • Sterling-LWB5+ Wi-Fi / Bluetooth® M.2 radio module from Laird Connectivity based on AIROC™ CYW4373E Wi-Fi & Bluetooth® combo chip (plugged into the M.2 interface of the PSoC™ 62S2 evaluation board)
  • FlexPIFA antenna from Laird Connectivity to mount on the Sterling-LWB5+ M.2 module
  • USB Type-A to Micro-B cable
  • Four jumper wires (four inches each), two jumper wires (five inches each)
  • Quick start guide

PSoC™ 62 dual-core microcontrollers

PSoC® 6 MCU is a high-performance, ultra-low-power and secured MCU platform, purpose-built for IoT applications. The CY8C62x8/A product line, based on the PSoC 6 MCU platform, is a combination of a dual CPU microcontroller with low-power flash technology, digital programmable logic, high-performance analog-to-digital conversion and standard communication and timing peripherals.

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Featured Products:

  • CY8C624ALQI-S2D42
  • CY8C624ABZI-S2D44
  • CY8C624AAZI-S2D44
  • CY8C624AFNI-S2D43T


  • 32-bit Dual CPU Subsystem
  • Memory Subsystem
  • Low-Power 1.7-V to 3.6-V Operation
  • Flexible Clocking Options
  • Quad-SPI (QSPI)/Serial Memory Interface (SMIF)
  • Segment LCD Drive
  • Serial Communication
  • Audio Subsystem
  • Timing and Pulse-Width Modulation
  • Programmable Analog
  • Up to 102 Programmable GPIOs
  • Capacitive Sensing
  • Security Built into Platform Architecture
  • Cryptography Accelerator
  • Profiler with 8 counters

Infineon Smart Home Demo

This demo implements a smart home solution using the PSoC 6 MCU, CYW43012 Wi-Fi/BT connectivity solution, and Infineon’s Sensors and Power management ICs.