Efficient Solutions for Low Voltage Motor Control Applications

  • Broad line-up of products and solutions from both Infineon and IR
  • Broad portfolio of German-quality semiconductor solutions

In today's competitive, dynamic environment, there's constant pressure to find new ways to increase energy efficiency, mobility and security – in all motor control applications. Infineon’s motor control solutions addresses all of these needs providing outstanding reliability, excellent quality and leading-edge innovations.

Infineon's semiconductors for motor control and drives offer the right innovative solutions in reliable German-engineered quality. With excellent figures of merit, the price point that fits your budget – and cutting-edge software tools that save you time and money.

Explore a wide range of solutions from Infineon and IR for motor control applications from microcontrollers and gate drivers through MOSFETs, IGBTs, voltage regulators and sensors to integrated bridge driver ICs, integrated power modules and high-power modules.

Infineon Low Voltage Motor Control Applicationss

Product Description

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3-Phase Drives – Battery Powered
Infinion 3 Phase
Stepper Motor
Stepper Motor
Brush DC Motor
Brush DC Motor

Battery PoweredBrush DC MotorStepper Motor
XMC1000: 32-bit Industrial MCU ARM® Cortex®-M0TrueTrueTrueView products
XMC4000: 32-bit Industrial MCU ARM® Cortex®-M4TrueTrueTrueView products
XMC1000: 32-bit Industrial MCU ARM® Cortex®-M0TrueTrueTrueView products
Free Development Platform for XMC™ MicrocontrollersTrueTrueTrueLearn more
3-Phase Inverter
N-channel small signal power MOSFETS (<600v)True  View products
N-channel small signal power MOSFETS (600V or >)True  View products
Gate Driver
Automotive grade Gate DriversTrue  View products
EiceDRIVER™: High voltage, high speed power MOSFET and IGBT True  View products
Hall & GMR sensor
Angle sensorsTrue  View products
Hall sensorsTrue  View products
Power Management
AC-DC ControllerTrue  View products
Linear voltage regulator for Industrial applicationsTrue  View products
N-channel CoolMOS™ 600VTrue  View products
N-channel OptiMOS™ 20V-30VTrue  View products
N-channel OptiMOS™ 40V-250VTrue  View products
IR General purpose Gate driver ICsTrue  View products
DC motor control
Intelligent power modules True View products
Low side switches True View products
High side switches True View products
Integrated full bridge driver True View products
IR General purpose Gate driver ICs True View products
Multi-channel serial power switch controllers True View products
Single Half bridge driver True View products
TLE4726G Servo and Stepper Motor Driver True View products
N-channel CoolMOS™ 600V  TrueView products
N-channel OptiMOS™ 20V-30V  TrueView products
N-channel OptiMOS™ 40V-250V  TrueView products
StrongIRFet: 40V - 60V N channel Power MosfetsTrue TrueView products
Status Indication
LED DriverTrue TrueView products
Stepper Driver
Intelligent power modules  TrueView products
ISOFACE™ Isolated Industrial Interface  TrueView products
TLE4726G Servo and Stepper Motor Driver  TrueView products
Voltage regulator
IFX2540Y True View products
Linear voltage regulator for Industrial applications  TrueView products
TLE4286G  TrueView products

Introduction to 20 V – 300 V N-channel Power MOSFETs OptiMOS™ and StrongIRFET™

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Motor Control and Drives Brochure 2014

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OptiMOS™ and StrongIRFET™ combined portfolio

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Selection Guide for Battery Powered Motor Drives

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Light Electric Vehicles Application Brief

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Solutions for Industrial Drives

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1kW BLDC Power Tool Kit User Manual

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