Smart solutions for Industrial Automation

  • Broad portfolio of German-quality Semiconductor solutions
  • Industrial-grade components that meet latest energy efficient standards

Product Description

The growing pace of industrial automation and networking across industrial control systems presents manufacturers with evolving challenges. They need industrial-grade components that can withstand harsh manufacturing environments, meet the latest energy efficiency standards and offer robust levels of security.

Infineon is committed to making your automation designs as simple, energy efficient, secure and reliable as possible. Not only does Infineon cover the full automation design flow from power management through control to interfacing and security, Infineon also support their high quality, industrial-grade semiconductor offering with proven reference designs for easy design-in and rapid time-to-market.

Industrial automation system diagram

Featured Products

Series NameKey FeaturesView Product
Power Supply Unit
IFX91041EJVDC-DC converter for Industrial applicationsBuy
650V TRENCHSTOP™ 5Discrete IGBTs with outstanding efficiency and power density Buy
N-channel CoolMOS™ 600VBroad portfolio of Power MOSFETS in 600VBuy
Linear Voltage RegulatorsEspecially designed to use in harsh environmentsBuy
Optimos™ Fast diode IPP120N20NFDIndustry’s lowest R ds(on), Q g and Q rr Buy
650V Rapid 1 and Rapid 2 DiodeUltra abd Hyper-fase Silicon power DiodesBuy
PLC/Microcontroller & Robot Control
XMC4500ideal solution to enable sophisticated algorithms in applications like advanced motor control and power conversion controlBuy
Digital Input and Output
ISOFACE™ 8-channel Digital Input IcsComplete system integration (digital sensor or switch input, galvanic isolation and intelligent micro-controller or bus-ASIC interface)Buy
High Side SwitchDesigned for targeting a variety of industrial applicationsBuy
Low Side SwitchOffer integrated protection for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications.Buy
N-channel CoolMOS™ 600VBroad portfolio of Power MOSFETS in 600VBuy
40V-75V N-Channel Power MOSFETDramatically reduced gate charge and output charge enable high system efficiency and power density.Buy
Motor control & Drives
800V CoolMOS™  C3 Power MOSFETHighly Efficient Products with Best-in-Class RDS(on)/PackageBuy
EiceDriver™ Isolated Gate Driver ICHighly reliable high voltage driver IcsBuy
Linear Voltage RegulatorsEspecially designed to use in harsh environmentsBuy
20V-30V N-Channel Power MOSFETOptiMOS™ Low Voltage Power MOSFETs Setting New StandardsBuy
TLE49x6 High Precision Hall SwitchesTLE49x6 products have proven successful in many automotive and industrial applicationsBuy