Honeywell Linecard

We stock an extensive range of sensors and switches designed for use in the medical industry by Honeywell. Whatever the application, greater accuracy and longer product lifetime are features essential to the medical devices, whilst reliability is at the core of any product designed for use in medicine. Whether it’s air mass flow sensors for anaesthesia machines, or opto switches for isolating circuit elements from the patient, Honeywell has a product linecard which will integrate effectively into your solution.


Pressure Sensors

The pressure is on. Whichever matter the need, Honeywell Sensing and Control has the microstructure and pressure sensor solution for you. You'll find Honeywell's components performing in potential applications including dialysis equipment, blood analysis, centrofusion and oxygen and nitrogen gas distribution, HVAC devices, data storage, process controls, industrial machinery, pumps, and robotics. Honeywell S&C is always working harder, whichever matter the situation. Or the pressure.

26PC Series

The factory calibrated 26PC Series miniature pressure sensors provide reliable gage pressure sensing performance in a compact package.

26PC Series

ASDX Series

The ASDX is a Silicon Pressure Sensor offering either an I2C or SPI digital interface for reading pressure over the specified full scale pressure span and temperature range.




TruStability® SSC Series

SSC Series

HSC Series

Humidity Sensors

Performance and reliability. At Honeywell Sensing and Control (S&C), each sensor is designed to provide enhanced sensitivity, response time, stability and reliability. Although humidity products are typically standardized and platform-based, they deliver superior performance right out of the box.

Sensor construction consists of a planar capacitor with a second polymer layer to protect against dirt, dust, oils, and other hazards - laser trimmed for stable, low drift performance. Printed circuit board or surface mount terminations provide application flexibility.

HIH Series (Filtered and Unfiltered)

HCH Series

Opto Sensors & Switches

Honeywell's infrared sensors may be used with an encoder wheel and shaft to count shaft rotation in applications such as haematology analysers. An infrared emitter and a photo detector, mounted face-to-face combined to detect the passing of an opaque object which breaks the infrared beam. Honeywell's infrared sensors have also been used in dental imaging systems to obtain dental images.

HOA Series

Air Mass Flow Sensors

All airflow sensors operate on heat transfer - flow and differential pressure. Silicon chip design is created from thin-film, thermally isolated bridge structure, containing both heater and temperature sensing elements. This provides rapid response to the air or gas flow and amount and direction, delivering a proportional output voltage. Amplified versions provide an enhanced output signal and less external circuitry, while unamplified versions allow additional external circuit options. They contain thin-film thermally isolated bridges with heater and temperature sensing elements. Bridge promotes sensitivity and fast response to flow.


Hall Effect Sensors

The Honeywell S&C family of magnetic position sensors includes digital and analog Hall-effect position, magnetoresistive digital, Hall-effect vane, gear-tooth, and Halleffect basic switches and magnets. These high-speed, extended life sensors are often directly compatible with other electronic circuits, responding to the presence or the interruption of a magnetic field by producing a proportional output. Gear-tooth and other packaged Hall-effect speed and direction sensors sense movements of a ferrous metal target. Digital and analog 'sensor-only' devices are operated by a permanent magnet or electromagnet, while actuation mode depends on the type of magnets used. A vane passing through a gap or a magnet mounted on a plastic plunger operates integral magnet position sensors.

SS4 Series

Force Sensors

Leadership, in full force. Whether it's critical applications such as IV drips or dialysis, or serious engineering like robotic end-effectors, Honeywell offers a broad line of force sensor options. Honeywell force sensors also deliver built-in stability and flexibility, to provide enhanced performance in most applications.



Honeywell's precise MICRO SWITCH position switches are accurate, repeatable and durable with an extended life that makes them ideal for medical applications. An elongated mounting hold provides for easier more accurate mounting, whilst the small size and light weight simplifies design-in.

Z Series Basic Switches