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We offer a wide range of crystals with nominal frequencies from 32kHz to 114.285MHz, and load capacitances from 3pF to 32pF

How are crystals used in electronic circuits?

Crystals are used in electronic circuits to set frequencies. They are made of a piezoelectric material which produces a voltage when distorted, and vice versa. The crystal is shaped to resonate at the desired frequency when a voltage is applied. Crystals are also used in other types of electronic circuit, such as crystal filters.

How do crystal oscillators work?

A crystal does not oscillate on its own. You don't simply apply power and get oscillations out. Think of a crystal as a very accurate and sharp frequency filter. You put it in the feedback path of an amplifier in the right way, and it causes the circuit to oscillate at the crystal's resonant frequency. It's the circuit that causes the oscillations. They crystal kills all the frequencies except the one it's tuned for, which only allows enough overall loop gain for the circuit to oscillate at the crystal's frequency.

The Abracon ABM3B series of crystals is for use with cellular telephones, pagers, communication and test equipment, PCMCIA, wireless and high density applications. It is suitable for reflow, profile and seam sealing.

  1. Fundamental operation mode
  2. 50Ω Maximum equivalent series resistance
  3. 7pF Maximum shunt capacitance
  4. 100µW Maximum drive level
  5. 500MΩ at 100VDC Minimum insulation resistance

Applications include Clock & Timing, Portable Devices, Communications & Networking, Test & Measurement, Wireless, and others.